Committee chair: Len Doucette

Members: Bjorn Behrendt. Maria French, Matt Gouchberg, Bruce Moreton

Committee charge: The Personnel Committee is authorized by the school board to support the administration in the discharging of personnel functions, the purpose of the personnel committee is to oversee the hiring, compensation, evaluation and termination of school district personnel and provide recommendations to the full board for approval.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Participate in the vetting, interviewing and determination of candidates for board approval for all administrative positions.
  • Review licensure, resume and job description for all licensure positions in advance for board consideration.
  • Recommend compensation packages for administrative positions.
  • Review superintendents summary performance reviews on administrative staff.
  • Develop and conduct annual performance review of superintendent.
  • Recommend superintendents’ compensation package.
  • Provide opportunity for exit interviews for administrative and licensure positions, if requested.
  • Handle public, administrative, union and non-union grievance situations when policy procedures have been followed.  Make recommendations to the board for action.