Every Student, Every Day – Our Personal Best In Every Way
CES Pride expectations – Be Kind, Be Respectful, Be Safe and always Be Your Best!

April 19, 2020

Welcome Back – almost.

“You become resilient when you use obstacles and adversity to clarify what actually matters to you.” – LaRae Quy


Word of the month in April is Pride – Tool of the month is Personal Space (are you getting enough of this?)

Health & Wellness focus is Whatever it takes to keep you and your family happy!

Hello Clarendon Families and Friends,

The weather for our “Spring Break” was a little cooler than we had expected or hoped.  I do hope, however, that you had time to relax and enjoyed time with your family.  Not being allowed to move around freely, or basically leave the house, has made it more challenging, but unquestionably offers opportunity that we may have otherwise overlooked.

Articles that I have recently read make reference to challenges and obstacles and how they may affect our lives.  One article by Ms. Quy says….  obstacles and adversity are not only a fact of life, they’re how people grow stronger. It’s estimated that 90% of people who experience adversity also experience some form of personal growth in the following months and years.  Well…… we are going to be uber strong after all of this.  AND we are going through this together – our school community, our greater community, our State and Nation.  We are Coyote Strong!

A couple of thoughts for us this week.  Earth day is Wednesday – what does your footprint look like?  What does that mean?  Are you still recycling, repurposing and composting?  Help your families limit your ecological footprint – like you were doing at CES.

Friday was to be another one of our community luncheons and it is National Walk at lunch day – can you have lunch with your family and take a walk together?  Friday is a good time to be social, eat well, and get some good exercise.  I wish I could be with you during this fun day.

Here are some repeats from our superintendent’s messages:   Meals will continue to be provided Monday/Thursday schedule that we currently utilize. 7:00am-5:00pm pickup at the MRUUSD Office Door: 2321 Middle Rd, N. Clarendon, 05759.

The last school day for our learners will be June 12.

Student attendance is something that we need to begin tracking as a district, now that we know how the school year will end. We are asking your family to email your school’s office staff on any day that your child will not be available to engage in learning. This data is important for us to be able to count a day as an official day of school attendance in order to meet state requirements.   Put another way, whenever there is a circumstance where your child cannot engage in school activities on a regularly-scheduled day of school, please email the school to inform the office staff.  

Contact for the purpose of informing us about student attendance is:  kgibbs@millriverschools.org (Ms. Gibbs)

Something on my mind:  In my conversation with a parent I lamented that having said this so many times it may have lost its effectiveness.  You truly are not expected to be your child’s full-time teacher.   Please contact your teacher if you need assistance with the suggested assignments.  Some or our teachers are opening up “office hours” for support.  Many of our teachers are giving assignments with a two week due date to accommodate the learners and family schedules.  Some of the learning should be mixed with regular childhood activities.  A walk while counting – anything.  Creative play can initiate a conversation about history, art, characters – you name it.

Do the best you can on the assignments, encourage your kids to play and discover – don’t fret about schoolwork.  The entire nation is in the same situation.  We will continue to improve our partnership with you and what we can offer the children.  Again, our staff will always work for your children and plan for their educational and emotional growth;  your assistance will be greatly appreciated!  No children (or adults) should be shedding any tears.  🙂

Ms. Reynolds can be reached  at preynolds@millriverschools.org anytime.   Health & Happiness, Paula M. Reynolds your School Counselor

Meals are still being provided!  Any child aged 18 or under in the Mill River Schools Community is eligible to receive meals

CES Pride expectations

Be Kind, Be Respectful, Be Safe and always Be Your Best!
PS – Please tell us if you know of anyone who does not get these emails and would like to receive them.  If you want a hard copy, please let us know as well.  Also, reluctantly, we will take you off the list if you no longer want our good news.

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Every Student, Every Day – Our Personal Best In Every Way

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