MRUHS Guidance Department Mission & Philosophy

Our guidance team at MRUHS is designed to meet the educational, social and emotional needs of students at each grade level. The counselor acts as a resource person, a coordinator between teachers, parents and students, and as an advisor to the student. Each student is assigned to a counselor upon entering MRUHS and usually remains with that counselor until graduation, allowing them to establish a working relationship. The counselors seek to understand the expectations and concerns of both students and parents and work together closely to make the High School experience a rich and rewarding one for each student. With Assistant Principal Tyler Weidemen, The Director of Guidance (DOG), leading the charge the guidance team is working diligently to ensure all students at MRUHS have the support, resources and guidance they need in order to have a successful year. Students and parents can be assured that our team is equipped with certified, specially trained and caring individuals who are here to serve all MRUHS students. Our guidance team serves as an extension of our administration. Each counselor is focused on enhancing the personalized learning experience. Students and parents can often find informational sessions hosted by our team. Whether students are seeking assistance with academics and future plans or want help in exploring the pathway that best fits their needs, the MRUHS team is ready to utilize their skills, knowledge and resources to help accomplish the task at hand. Parents and students can access a comprehensive list of resources through the MRUHS school website The information provided on the website is updated regularly and affords all students and parents an opportunity to review upcoming events, announcements and important deadlines. Remember, our mission at MRUHS is to engage students with a contemporary, personalized education in preparation for a successful, responsible and rewarding life. As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance do not hesitate to contact us.

Guidance Staff & Contact Information

Direct Line to Guidance: 802-775-1925   EXT 210

For more information, please follow this link, directly to the Guidance Department web page:


Weideman, Tyler photo    Tyler Weideman- Assistant Principal & Director of Guidance EXT 269 

Kimball, Dea J photo


Dea Kimball- School Counselor, Grades 10-12, EXT 211


Harrington, Shirl photo    Shirl Harrington- School Counselor, Grades 7-9,  EXT 212    Email:

 Cassie Ciejko- Guidance Administrative Assistant, EXT 210    Email:

Image result for don markie Don Markie- PT Community Outreach Coordinator (Wednesday’s & Friday’s Only) EXT 302    Email:

Guidance Announcements


Applications to Colleges should be submitted by the beginning of 2019. Deadlines for enrollment occur in January. Make sure to stay on track with applications.

Students- make sure to check into Guidance for new scholarships available now. Pay close attention to February and March deadlines that are approaching.  Also, complete the VSAC Unified Scholarship Application which has a deadline of February 15th. You can receive the booklet of scholarships in Guidance.

On January 31st, VSAC Representative Nate Hickey will be in the building during A Block to discuss Financial Aid options and the VSAC Scholarship booklet available in Guidance.


Please swing into Guidance and begin to discuss what your senior year plans want to be. Also make sure to register for SAT’s this spring. Pay close attention to Registration Deadlines when you sign up for the March, May, or June SAT dates.

See this link for more information:

A College Essay Workshop will be taking place February 26th where students will create an outline in small groups through-out the day in order to begin their college application process. Completion of the college essay will be required by the end of their Junior Year at MRU.

On February 27th, Juniors with parent permission slips received, will be going to Castleton University for the VSAC Careers and Pathways Event. Students will enjoy a day of discussion with recruiters, local students, and Finacial Aid experts to answer any questions they may have.

Stafford Student’s

On your STC report card you will see exact proficiency grades. Your transcript at MRU will have a conversion grade (EX. STC grade 2.3 = MRU grade 2.0  and STC grade 3.8= MRU grade 4.0, etc.) that will not be exactly to what you have at Stafford. We have a conversion chart that rounds numbers up or down by proficiency score. Please know that STC grades will not show up on MRU Report cards as STC sends their own report cards home. STC grades however will appear on Transcripts. See Ms. Ciejko for any questions regarding these grades.


PSAT Scores Available

To view your PSAT scores, go to The College Board website and create an account. You can access your scores there and learn what study methods will benefit you,  for future planning.

Want to better your scores so you are ready for the SAT & ACT? Follow any of the links below to help you study and better your score:

SAT Prep Sites and Dates in Vermont: 

ACT Prep Sites with Dates in Vermont:

**Please note: see Ms. Kimball to access a free Edge SAT test prep class online. If you have any question about SAT test prep, make an appointment in Guidance.

MedQuest 2019

Application Deadline: March 1, 2019

Students in Grade 10, 11, and 12 that are interested in the medical field, stop up to guidance to learn more about this 6 day residential program! If you then want to apply, visit:

Summer Governor’s Institutes

Apply in February 2019

Visit their website at to apply online or download the application. Some programs are Arts, Humanities, STEM, and Business. Open to all 9-11th grade students.


Scholarships & Financial Aid Options

To the class of 2019, New scholarships will be available in Winter/ Spring. Please visit Guidance frequently to check for new scholarships with Ms. Ciejko. Any questions, don’t hesitate to send her an email at

**Completion of scholarships are 100% a student’s responsibility. Make sure your learner stays on top of what is available in Guidance and checks back on the website frequently for Announcements and Updates.**

Guidance receives scholarships in late November all the way through May. They will be available for students to get in the Guidance Department at the Scholarship Center Table. New Scholarships will be located in the front. Local organization scholarships don’t arrive until March/April. Please check in to get any scholarships that can apply to you!

This Week’s Top 5 Scholarship Picks:

  • Student View Scholarship Deadline: April 22, 2019

$11,00 worth os cholarships to high school seniors who plan to attend a four year college.

  • American Legion Technical/Trade School Scholarship (Dennis Comai Scholarship) Deadline: April 15, 2019

Anyone that is applying to a technical or Trade school with a 2 year program can apply.

  • Center Lodge # 34 Free Masonry Deadline: March 15, 2019

Any MRU or STC student can apply. no other requirements.

  • Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Deadline: April 3, 2019 (Early) May 1, 2019 (Regular Decision)

Must be submitted online, but students that plan to attend a 4 year institution who display an academic achievement, service to others, and history of part time work.

  • Rutland Area Guidance Counselor Deadline: March 8, 2019

(4) Scholarships of $1,000 each given to students apply to a higher education learning facility in the Helping profession such as medical field, human services, education, etc.

Remember, not all scholarships are traditional. Some can be completely random topics  or for students that plan on taking a Gap year. Feel free to ask questions or fill out the scholarship anyway.

Here are some great sites with hundreds of scholarships to apply for:


Remember the more you apply, the better your chances can be to receive some free money!

*Stay tuned for more local scholarships that will be posted throughout the year.*