As as student of Mill River Union High School for the past five years, I’ve had many amazing

opportunities brought to my attention. These opportunities were presented to me by the

resourceful and reliable faculty Mill River has to offer.

I’m especially thankful for the opportunity to participate in an amazing journalism

program. The program took place during summer over a two week period at Boston University.

This was was so special to me considering I’m aspiring to have an occupation in the field of

journalism. The two weeks of classes is arranged by an organization called the New England

Center for Investigative Reporting. Their goal through this program is to involve more youth in

the field of journalism, considering how recent studies show it is a dying profession. Though it

was a program for high schoolers, we were in the college buildings taking classes every single

day, we even had an article to write the first night there.

When I was accepted into the program, sometime around February, I never thought I

would consider going to college in Boston, I just thought it would be a great experience. Even

after a few days in Boston and in classes, I still had no intentions of even applying to BU next

year. Slowly but surely the campus, the people, and the city grew on me and I was head over

heels for everything and anything BU.

My classes were something that definitely excited me each and everyday. Starting off

with Newswriting Basics, then a class on Interviewing and another on learning to Localize our

stories, everyday we had something knew to learn about. Some days we had guests come in to

speak, we even got to meet Mike Rezendes who works for the Boston Globe and was part of the

team that investigated and wrote for the scandal that inspired the movie Spotlight.

The goal of High School for some students is to get good grades, figure out what they

want to do for the rest of their lives, and find a college that fits them best. With the help of Mill

River, I found the perfect school for me that I’m so excited to hopefully continue my education

at. My next two years at Mill River I am confident I will gain the knowledge I need be accepted

to a great college.

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