Mission Statement: The Mill River Music Department engages and supports students who have a passion for music. We provide a quality music education for all students as well as creating the necessary learning environment and enrichment experiences that foster a cultural climate of music participation and appreciation. We encourage student voice and choice as a student’s educational experience can be customized for their individual needs. We seek to prepare students to make informed future educational and career choices by immersing themselves in challenging and rigorous performance programs.

The Mill River Music Academy views the arts as essential to the human spirit. We strive to graduate students who are ready to accept multiple challenges, think creatively and persevere through adversity. The Academy’s diverse and stimulating curriculum prepares students to succeed in the workplace, the military or collegiate studies.

  • We believe that all students should have access to arts training.
  • We believe that student learning is enhanced by cross-disciplinary and integrated instruction.
  • We believe that students flourish in a creative, purpose-driven environment.
  • We believe that the arts use the multiple intelligences that students possess.
  • We believe that instructional programs should extend beyond the classroom.
  • We believe that training in the performing arts combined with academic rigor prepares students to graduate as creative and confident individuals.

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