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Kim Maniery
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Mill River Digital Sports Page – All 2018 Winter Sports Schedules are available on the Digital Sports Page. Please note these are subject to change.

MVL Standings for MRU Sports


Winter 2018-2019 Coaching Staff:
7th Boys Basketball: Tre Hysell
8th Boys Basketball: Travis Fish
7th Girls Basketball: Emma Weatherhogg
8th Girls Basketball: Alex Badgley
MS Cheerleading: Shelby Senecal
JV Girls Basketball: Darrin Badgley
Varsity Girls Basketball: Ken Webb, Jo Jo Valente & Stacy Ludden
JV Boys Basketball: Ben Smith & Jack Foley
Varsity Boys Basketball: Jack Rogers & Brian Bradley
Varsity Cheerleading: Tabitha Pohl-Moore & Alyssa Chapin
Snowboarding 9-12: Jo Jo Valente
Alpine Skiing 9-12: Peter See
Wrestling 7-12: Lee Tyminski

Spring 2019 Coaching Staff:
MS Baseball:
MS Softball:
MS Track & Field:
JV Softball: (if applicable)
JV Baseball: (if applicable)
JV Track & Field:
Kell Giffin & Alicia Howland
Varsity Baseball:
Varsity Softball:
Mary Colvin
Varsity Track & Field: 
Kell Giffin & Alicia Howland

Fall 2018 Coaching Staff:

Varsity Football:
JV Football:
MS Football: Ben Pelkey & Dylan Shelvey
Varsity Girls Soccer: Dave Carr & Ray Nichols
MS Girls Soccer: Emma Weatherhogg
Varsity Boys Soccer: Shane Little & Chuck Hall
MS Boys Soccer: Zack Bendig
Fall HS Cheerleading: Tabitha Pohl-Moore & Alyssa Chapin
MS Cheerleading: Shelby Senecal
Varsity Cross Country: Kell Giffin
MS Cross Country: Peter See
HS Golf: Jo Jo Valente