Winter Sports Program 2017 Enjoy the slide show made my Shannon Pytlik






PTO Contra Dance and Pie Auction!
Not only did we raise money by eating yummy pies and auctioning them off to the highest bidder, all who came enjoyed a fun time contra dancing with Kathy Luzader and the Cold River Band.

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Readers Theater in First & Second Grade

Readers Theater is one of the best strategy for students to increase their reading fluency. These students got to practice this skill during Mrs. Aas’s WIN class. The show was enjoyed by all!


One of my favorite Wallingford events is Dens.  It builds a wonderful sense of community and the children and staff love it.  Mr. D said today as he was leaving, “ I love Thursdays and Dens!”  I feel the same way.  The focus today was on creating an ornament with their current school picture for the holiday tree.  The tree will be in the lobby.  Take some time to see if you can find your child’s ornament!



Fifth graders practice their team building skills at the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Gym

October Dens
This afternoon we enjoyed a fun filled hour as students participated in Dens!

The Wallingford School Board believes that a sound statement of purpose, accompanied by goal statements, is essential in helping to provide directions for the school as it attempts to maintain an emphasis on quality education. As we work to attain this purpose, we much continually reach for higher standards, and not become complacent with accepting what is minimal, easy, or mandated. Although resources are always limited, we need to utilize these to the fullest extent possible, and to seek the support of the larger community in endorsing our quest for quality.


The Wallingford school system believes that all children within our community are entitled to attend and receive benefit from the services it provides. All children have the capacity to learn. We recognize that children learn in different ways and according to their unique developmental time table. It is the school’s responsibility to tap this capacity and to provide the resources, which will promote each student’s development to his/her potential.

To this end, the Wallingford school system will:

  1. Provide an academically focused, stimulating environment in which each student may experience the application to real life skills essential to becoming a responsible citizen of our changing world. Each student needs to:
    • Learn to learn – to absorb, process and apply new information effectively.
    • Develop strong listening and oral communication skills.
    • Be competent in reading, writing and mathematical computing.
    • Develop critical thinking skills – to summarize, analyze and problem-solve
    • Become a self-motivated and self-monitoring learning.
    • Develop cooperate skills enabling him/her to work effectively in a group setting.
    • Learn to utilize available technology as tools to secure and manage information.
    • Become an active participant in the learning process and view learning as a life-long endeavor
    • Develop an understanding for and appreciation of cultural history.
    • Develop an awareness of and the skills essential to becoming an active and equal member of a democratic society.
    • Develop respect for others and themselves.
    • Accept cultural diversity and develop a broader sense of the world.
    • Develop an appreciation of the arts, as well as be exposed to opportunities to express his/her own talents and creativity.
  2. Provide support services which address the needs of student and which promote their physical, emotional and intellectual well being.
  3. Provide instructional and support staff that assists children to succeed.
  4. Provide ongoing staff and curriculum development.
  5. Provide school facilities and equipment which enhance learning and promote achievement of school goals.
  6. Provide instructional leadership.
  7. Provide parent and community involvement.
  8. Provide collaboration between staff and administration as the desired route to school improvement and student successes.