Daily Announcements Earth Processes Science Expo . The Sixth graders are learning about Cross Cutting Concepts in Science. Students worked in collaborative groups becoming an expert in a particular cross cutting concepts and created a model to demonstrate their learning. Through the learning process students learned a great deal from each other and developed a deep understanding of earth processes in science. They were very impressive during the Expo, demonstrating solid science with overwhelming evidence of confidence about their new learning. It was exciting to watch and so proud of their growth in problem solving, collaboration and self direction. IMG_5794IMG_5808 (1)IMG_5816 (1)IMG_5821 (2) Cause and Effect-Sami and Energy and Matter-Willa. Patterns in Nature-Dane . Owen ~ Stability & Change . . Max P ~ Energy & Matter . CELEBRATION OF THE ARTS PreK-Cubs 1 teach us about how they use the courage tool: I have the courage to do the “right” thing. IMG_5120  IMG_5125  IMG_5126 .                      PTO sponsored pancake breakfast and egg hunt was a huge success! Bunny Dance and Bunny Simon Says Kindergarten students taught us all the patience chant at the all school meeting. 1st Graders Teach us about Frogs IMG_4992 What’s the most Improtant Thing about Frogs Frog Song written by Kinlee Nash, music by Mr. D. Sung by the whole class! (sorry about the video on it’s side, I’m working to fix it but in the mean time enjoy the music) Conclusion Middle Pod Students share their learning, What’s special about Wallingford. Click on this link to view the site. Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 5.58.16 AM Primary Students sharing on social and emotional learning to the School Board.   Our brand new Wildcat-the Lynx led the Halloween Parade First Grade Super Heroes Meet our Educators