Board/District Goals

Goals provide the compass for policy decisions and planning. MRUUSD has six “Big Picture Goals.” The goal summaries are listed below with an in-depth dive provided in the slideshow.

Click here to view the Goals Review Proposal from 3.17.21

Big Picture: 6 Goals

Goal 1: Student Opportunities
Leverage our Trailhead Project, Arts Program Enhancement, and PreK expansion to attract families, appeal to student interests and needs and provide learning environments that maximize our assets and resources.

Goal 2: Student Growth
Help all students to develop socially, emotionally, and academically in a high-quality, proficiency-based learning environment.

Goal 3: Equity
Develop and adopt a District Educational Equity Policy by June 2020.
*The District Equity policy was adopted on May 9, 2020. Details of the District Equity Policy can be viewed on the MRUUSD Policy page.

Goal 4: Community
Be community focused. Develop and use an annual district survey and a Board Community Engagement Plan as tools to ensure appropriate community focus.

Goal 5: Human Resources
Hire, retain and develop high quality, effective teachers, school leaders and support staff. Accomplish this through specific attention to employee retention rates, teacher evaluation and mentoring, employee attendance, employee wellness, and implementation of effective master agreements that prioritize these areas.

Goal 6: Finance & Facilities
Manage district resources and facilities efficiently and effectively to the benefit of students, community, and taxpayers.

The slideshow provides an in-depth look at the policy summarized above.