Clarendon Elementary School, located in North Clarendon, Vermont is surrounded by history and nature. A handful of National Historic sites are nearby as well as a section of the Appalachian Trail. The school reflects that history and appreciation for nature.

Founded in 1970, today it’s a blend of tradition and technology. Student murals adorn the walls, sometimes serving as backdrops to student-produced videos that can be seen on the local public access television station. Classic aquariums might hold trout the students are raising as a project, but the detailed charts and records they keep are newer additions. Chalk boards and smartboards are available and enlisted to best-serve student learning. Immediately outside the school, the brand new walking path, with a wellness and story walk focus, has been a labor of love by the school and the community and is open to all.

CES uses project-based learning to help students engage in learning by applying a variety of talents and knowledge from a variety of sources to solve a challenge providing them with the opportunity to develop real-world skills. The school’s educational focus is part of the overall Trailhead initiative of the Mill River Unified Union School District. Students are encouraged to work more independently, with the teacher serving as a facilitator and advisor. Through project-based learning, our kids see a direct link between what they’re learning and how it can be applied and they have fun doing it!


  • Founded: 1970
  • Principal: Fred Valastro
  • Grades served: Pre-K through 6th
  • Students Population (approximately): 175
  • Mascot: Coyote

Address and general contact Information*

84 Grange Hall Road

North Clarendon, VT 05759

Telephone: 802-775-5379 / Direct Line: 802-786-3940

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