The Mill River Union High School staff is comprised of dedicated, intellectual, compassionate, caring, fun and motivated individuals, who are passionate about being educators.  This dream team of teachers and support staff understands the importance of providing all learners with a personalized learning experience. Their ability to build positive relationships, while guiding learners on their educational journey, is what makes them special. Every member of our organization plays an integral part in the development of the whole learner. At Mill River Union High School we believe in creating a culture and climate in which all members, students, staff, and parents, feel respected, valued and celebrated!

So, want to meet this special group of people? Click the names below to learn more about the phenomenal educators making a difference for all students.

The MRUHS 2019-2020 Team

Aines, Maggie – Special Education

Blanchard, Brooks – Para Educator

Bride, Mary – Attendance/Front Office

Bride, Stephanie – Para Educator

Bruno, Peter – English/Director Stage 40

Castonguay, Lois – Library Assistant/Music

Ciejko, Cassie – Administrative Assistant to the Principal

Cimonetti , Kristin – Vocal/Chorus Teacher

Clinger, Ashley – Music

Colvin, Mary – Middle School Social Studies

Cooke, Katya – World Language

Correia, Nora – Paraeducator

D’Ambrisi, Angelo – Para Educator

Danner, Erin – Math

Davidova, Natalya – Para Educator

Davis, Elizabeth – Para Educator

Davis, Glenn – Para Educator

Dayton, Lisa – Speech Language Pathologist

Duprey, Jennifer – Para Educator

Farnam, Brian – Self Help

Ferguson, Meghan – Special Education

Fiske, Stacey – General Education Support Coordinator

Foley, Tammy – Special Education

Gamache. Michael – Science

Gardner-Baasch, Debra – Personalized Learning and MTSS Coordinator/English

Greenfield, Brian – Social Studies

Harrington, Shirl – School Counselor Grades 7 – 9

Hasenohr, Edward – Science

Heflin, James – Math

Herrick, Wendy – School Social Worker

Hill, Joli – Special Education

Holcomb, Ronnie – Para Educator

Jacobsen, Marilyn – Para Educator

Jones, Kayla – Para Educator

Kennedy, Judy – Support Room Monitor

Kimball, Dea – School Counselor 10-12

Lane, Devon – English

Lareau, Annmarie – Technology/Math

Latkin, Dan – History

LaVangie, Kristen – Special Educator

Little, Jen – English/Journalism/Yearbook

Little, Shane – Math

Martin, Jennifer – World Language

McCalla, Karen – Library & Makerspace

McPhee, Libby – Special Education

Moore, Kim – Math

Nerney, Brendan – Middle School Science

Parrish, Annette – Director of the Self Help Program

Patrick, Lynne – Registrar/Guidance

Pike, Jacquelinn – PE/Health

Poirier, Mercedes – Para Educator

Pluta, Michael – History/Driver’s Ed

Rideout, Bradley – Para Educator

Rideout, Mercedes – Para Educator

Roach, Peter – Instrumental Music Director

Robbins, Edward – Science

Roberts, Cindy – Math

Savery, Wendy – English/World Language

See, Peter – History

Severance, Jennifer – English

Shorey, Jill – Para Educator

Stubbins, Kelly – Math

Swyler, Karen – Art

Taylor, Jonathan – Art

Todt, Farnum Melissa – Para Educator

Waterhouse, Kelly – Para Educator

Weatherhogg, Emma – Para Educator

Webb, Kenneth – Physical Educator

White, Cindy – Special Education